Digimon Team Wars Rules!


  Tournament rules Win / Loss / Team Formation Regulations

Each team member will battle once with the opponent team, and the victory or defeat as a team will be decided based on the battle results of all 6 rounds.

* Compete for victory or defeat on a team-by-team basis, and select the top eight teams to advance to the final. About time limit

■ In the qualifying round, the match time will be 25 minutes, and if the winner is not decided within the time, it will be a "tie" (both defeats).
If the time limit is reached, the match will end when the turn being played ends.
■ Please note that judges and staff will not be able to respond to time inquiries during the tournament. About victory or defeat
■ If you win 2 or more, you will win as a team and get 1 point.[Win 1 point]

3 wins 0 losses
2 wins 1 loss (including "2 wins 1 defeat")[Defeat 0 points]
1 win 2 losses (including "1 win 2 defeats" and "1 win 1 loss 1 defeats")
0 wins 3 losses ("0 wins 1 loss 2 defeats" "0 wins 2 losses 1" Includes "both defeats" and "0 wins 0 losses 3 both defeats")About ranking determination method* In the order of the criteria below, the team with the highest value will be ranked high. If they are the same, compare the values ​​according to the following criteria. Criterion 1: Team score
Criterion 2: OMW% (Opponent match win percentage) * 1
Criterion 3: Team win rate
Criterion 4: Average of OMW% of opponent team If the results are exactly the same as calculated based on the above four criteria, the ranking will be decided by a random method decided by the organizer.* 1) This is a standard for evaluating how strong you have played against an opponent.
The higher the average score score of the opponent team, the higher the ranking.

■ Roles of team members Please decide "Sonboku", "Mid-level" and "General" by the day before the qualifying tournament.
Please make a declaration at the reception on the day of the qualifying tournament, and each team will be required to wear a wristband with the words "Sonboku", "Mid-level" and "General".* Battle will be held with members of the other team who have the same role as you.

■ The battle will start at the same time for 3 people.* When the battle of all team members is completed, the battle with the opponent team will end.

■ The deck used on the day of the tournament cannot be changed. Deck exchange between team members is also prohibited.

■ Only the members who applied for the tournament can participate in the tournament.
Please join us as a team. Participation by yourself is not possible.

■ Deck regulation(1) Up to 4 cards with the same card number can be used by the team.* Up to 1 card can be used by the team.* Up to 50 "Eosmon" (BT6-085) can be used by a team.

Up to 4 cards with the same card number in a team

The maximum number of cards with the same name, which is limited to one, is one for the team.

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