Digimon Pauper Rules!

How to play!

As many of you are familiar or not Magic has a format named pauper which a special build format where players only build decks using commons. We here at Z-jays found the idea extremely fun so have created our own variation of the format. In digimon Pauper you will be play digimon as you normally would but there is one new rule and it applies to deck construction and you can only use Commons/Uncommons/Rares from booster sets. Starter exclusives, super rares, Secret rares and promos are banned from this format. This is to encourages a completely new format and different deck variations and as well as a more refreshing experience from Standard digimon. stay tuned on our event calendar for pauper events and join our discord for more discussion.

Ban List! last updated  (2/1/22)

Banned Cards:
Super Rares
Secret Rares
Promo Rares
Starter Deck Exclusives
NO C/UC/R banned at this Time

Restricted Cards:
BT2-047 Argomon
BT3-103 Hidden Potential Discovered!

Ezekiel Arellano